The American Streamliner, Pre-War Years
By Donald J. Heimburger and Carl R. Byron   American Streamliner, Pre-War Years

Between the years 1933 and 1942, America rose to the forefront of deluxe passenger train travel, fielding hundreds of streamlined trains that crisscrossed the United States. From boat-tailed observation cars to dome-diners and Slumbercoaches, the Streamliner Era added a multitude of words and images to our collective heritage.

Fancy, fast and flashy, North American streamlined passenger trains rolled off Depression era drawing boards and onto railroad tracks that saw a multitude of luxury trains carrying hundreds of thousands of business and vacation travelers, as well as politicians and movie stars.

These "aircraft with wheels," with names such as Zephyr, Champion, Chief and Rocket, served up passenger amenities such as full carpeting in lounge cars, wide windows for viewing the passing landscape, coordinated interior paint schemes, built-in radios, Flexwood paneling, indirect lighting and air conditioning. Services included stewardesses who offered advice and comfort, on-board barbers, showers, and porters at every beck and call.

Full-course meals, served on heavy china plates with sparkling silverware, proudly engraved with the name of the railroad, were standard features of on-board dining. After dinner, passengers crowded the lounge car for drinks, entertainment and conversation. Retiring to a bedroom compartment or bedroom suite in a Pullman car, passengers found their beds ready and their blankets turned down. It was all part of the passenger train experience.

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