The Hiawatha Story

By Jim Scribbins



The Hiawatha Story

The illustrated history of one of the most spectacularly successful passenger trains of all time. First there was a single experimental coach, then an entire fleet. Soon Hiawatha was a railway legend. Loved for their radically new, streamlined look, the Hiawatha’s Art Deco engines were a hallmark of American industrial design—a genre of passenger cars from Tip Top Tap to Touralux to the glass-encased Skytop. For Midwestern passengers from Chicago to Aberdeen, the Hiawatha represented speed, comfort and luxury, offering spectacular views of the rolling landscape. From 1935 to 1970 it carried countless passengers and even more memories. Richly illustrated with more than 350 photographs, The Hiawatha Story brings the design and history of this beloved rail fleet to life. 272 pages, 356 halftones, 11 x 8 1⁄2", softcover.

ISBN: 978-0-8166-5003-3

Price: $29.95

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