The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway
By Don L. Hofsommer  


The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway

The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway was created on May 26, 1870, by a group of Minnesota investors interested in establishing a railroad connection between Minneapolis and the agricultural regions to the south. While not flashy, the M&StL served Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Illinois over nine decades and was essential in opening new territory, providing freight as well as passenger carriage, and employing thousands of people. In this photographic history of the M&StL, railroad historian Don L. Hofsommer revives the memory of a storied regional railroad. Rich in illustrations, this is not just a chronicle of a railroad but also a story and a record of a way of life in the rural upper Midwest.


ISBN: 978-0-8166-5132-0

Price: $49.95

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