Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Don L. Hofsommer  


Minneapolis and the Age of Railways

Not so long ago, trains bustled constantly in and out of Minneapolis, carrying myriad supplies, resources, manufactured goods and people—but mostly they brought change.

Railways molded the very face and fabric of the country, creating the steamcar civilization. Railroads were the pulse of the new nation: new cities blossomed, older cities grew, and vast rural regions became suddenly accessible. In Minneapolis and the Age of Railways, Don L. Hofsommer gracefully hearkens back to this formative time in the history of the country and of Minneapolis—a time when the city developed into a vibrant urban hub, finding itself in the thick of the railroad revolution.

On one hand, Hofsommer provides an attractive in-depth study of the unique relationship between Minneapolis and its railways; on the other, he describes the powerful rail-forged symbiosis between the city and its vast hinterland. Minneapolis and the Age of Railways is an intriguing book, rich in historical detail, featuring more than 200 photographs and related maps. Softbound, 11x9, 336 pages, 200 b/w photographs, 24 line art illustrations, 17 maps.

ISBN: 978-0-8166-4501-5

Price: $29.95

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