Moonlight in Duneland

Edited by Ronald D. Cohen and Stephen G. McShane  


Moonlight in Duneland

The Illustrated Story of The Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad. This book highlights the artwork that came out of the South Shore Calumet Region purchase by Samuel Insull’s Midland Utilities in 1925. It was marketed aggressively with booklets, movies, and in particular a set of colorful artistic posters that attracted many from Illinois to Northwest Indiana’s steel mills and sand dunes. These posters, as well as new poster art is featured in this 160-page softcover book which also includes 65 color and 30 black and white photos. Softcover, 10 1/3 x 13 1/2".

ISBN: 978-0-253-21738-7

Price: $24.95

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