Nevada Central

By Mallory Hope Ferrell  

Nevada Central

A deluxe volume that traces the amazing story of a three-foot-gauge railroad that ran through the heart of the great American Basin. Built to carry the commerce of rich silver and gold strikes, the Nevada Central struggled against tremendous odds for six decades.

Often called “a line in the sand,” the 93-mile-long rail route ran between Battle Mountain, where it connected with the Central Pacific, in a southwesterly direction to Austin, Nevada. Most of the rail was 35# iron; the struggling railroad line crossed 66 timber trestles between its end points. The railroad began construction in 1879 to help open up the vast and virtually unpopulated area of the Silver State. Running through some of the most barren and remote high desert sagebrush and mountain country in the West, the Nevada Central rolled down through the years with much of its original equipment, mainly because it could never afford to purchase anything newer. Hardcover, 204 pages 8½ x 11", 300 black and white photos.

ISBN: 978-0-911581-61-4

Price: $43.95


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