Next Stop Honolulu

By Jim Chiddix and MacKinnon Simpson  


Next Stop Honolulu

This is the story of the Oahu Railway & Land Company, which ran a 3-foot-gauge line for 58 years. OR&L is a great modeling prototype, with a mix of ALCO, Baldwin and Shay locomotives, and more than 1,200 freight cars hauling raw sugar, pineapples and local freight. Up to 38 passenger trains a day trundled tourists and residents around Oahu. Featuring a double-tracked main line and automatic block signal system, locomotives ranged from tiny saddletankers to Vauclain compounds and powerful Mikados, close cousins of the Rio Grande K-28s. Hardcover, Coker dustjacket painting, lots of color, with narrow gauge photos and documents. 352 pages, 9 1/4 x 12 1/4".

ISBN: 978-0-9706213-1-3

Price: $59.95

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