Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds

By John Kelly  


Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds

After WWII railroads realized freight cars could be used to create a public image of their company and to sell passenger and freight services. That image was captured in a slogan, some unforgettable word, phrase or iconographic trademark emblazoned in bold letters on both sides of the freight car. Famous slogans were "Everywhere West" (Burlington Route), "See America First" (Great Northern), "Route of the Rockies" (Rock Island), and  “America’s Resourceful Railroad” (Milwaukee Road), to name a few. Vintage black and white and color photographs highlight box cars, coal cars, hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, auto-carriers, special service cars and cabooses with their original slogans and heralds. Separate chapters include Trailers-on-Flatcar (TOFC) and billboard refrigerator cars nicknamed “Reefers” featuring Hormel, Swift, Oscar Mayer and Dubuque meat cars. Colorful images include Budweiser, Coors and Hamm’s beer cars. Model railroad enthusiasts will like this book so they can model freight cars like the prototype. Softcover, 10 x 8 1/2", 128 pages, 86 b/w and 56 color photos.

ISBN: 978-1-58388-276-4

Price: $32.95

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