Steam's Last Season
A Portfolio of Steam Locomotive Photographs 1955-1960

By Burt W. Mall  


Steam's Last Season

This huge photo album presents 286 outstanding color and black and white photographs, captured primarily in the upper Midwestern United States, when steam locomotives were taking their last breath in the country, from around 1955 to the beginning of the 1960's. This change in practice by the railroads—supplanting steamers in favor of more-efficient diesel locomotives—was documented in photos by the author, who began the mission as a teenager. Steam's Last Season captures a portion of "old railroading" before its collapse. Each image is captioned with a description of the time and place of railroad and industrial settings, as well as details about railroading operations. All of the photographs are indexed to help the reader look for favorite rail lines, engines or stations, and towns. Only five of these photographs have ever been published before. This book offers a unique trip back in time that will please both serious and casual fans of the steam train era. Hardcover, 13 1/2 x 9"; 296 pages; 286 photographs. Limited quantity produced.

ISBN: 978-061557539-1

Price: $69.95

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