Two Feet to Togus

By Robert C. Jones   Two Feet to Togus

The Kennebec Central existed for one reason, and one reason only: to transport passengers and goods to and from the huge home for veterans at Togus, Maine. Despite having no direct connection with another railroad—the KC in Randolph was separated from the Maine Central in Gardiner by a quarter mile and a large river—the Kennebec Central did its job well, and it prospered until cars and trucks finally became the transportation of choice in central Maine. The KC’s short length and single-minded operations allowed it to conduct its business with safety and efficiency. As renowned chronicler of Maine two-foot railroads, Robert C. Jones, demonstrates in Two Feet to Togus: The Kennebec Central Railroad, running the trains was hardly dull. The employees faced such challenges as Maine’s harsh winters and, even worse, a regular procession of inebriated veterans on their way back from a little “R&R” in town. There was even a little municipal competition, as an electric railroad from Augusta soon offered veterans a choice of destinations. In its heyday, the Home was a popular destination for local residents in search of entertainment or just a nice place to spend the day. Baseball games, theater, band performances, and an animal park attracted overflow crowds almost every weekend. Eventually, the appeal of the Home as a destination dimmed, and when the railroad lost its contract to haul coal to Togus, its days were numbered.

The Kennebec Central disappeared as quietly as it had appeared on the scene four decades previously, having done its job well for as long as it was needed. Its length, modest equipment roster, and wealth of maps, photographs, and other reference material make the Kennebec Central a wonderful railroad to model. More than 100 photographs of the railroad operations and equipment complement the text, and richly illustrated appendices provide images of Togus, maps and photographs of the equipment. Hardbound, 8 3/4 x 11 1/2", 198-page150 black & white photographs.

ISBN: 978-0-9667264-1-1

Price: $39.95

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